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   The Spirit of Rock & Roll!


  Chuck Girard Lead Singer on the Hondells single Little Honda                               

   Blog entry by Matthew Turner, Music & Entertainment Editor    

   The Chuck Girard Story                                                            


   Chuck talks about recording Hot Rod & Surf songs         I had the distinction of working with many of the greats of the day, most notably Brian Wilson, but Bruce Johnston, Terry Melcher, Glen Campbell,

        Hal Blaine, and even a young Leon Russell on different sessions. So that’s why I am so scarce on the Super Stocks albums.    Chucks Beach Boys  inspired Rock & Roll Preacher         Christian? Music…     




   Surfonic Water Revival      Dedicated to the late great Carl Wilson


  Surfonic Music Clips…   They sound as much like the Beach Boys’ as any I’ve ever heard

  All the Lyrics     Pray For Surf  …  Chuck Girards Endless Summer Part 2  …  Wave Perfect  … 14 more …

  A Word from the Producer     Linear notes include mention of Brian Wilson, Jan & Dean, Rip Chords, Bruce & Terry, Dick Dale…



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